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Terms and Conditions ~ Holiday Accommodation ~ Seasonal ~ Por Temporada

1 Clients should confirm availability of accommodation with Holidays and Homes before making any firm travel arrangements.
2 To make a firm reservation a deposit is payable at the time of booking with the balance due 8 weeks before the start of your holiday. If payment is not received when due it will be assumed that the client has cancelled the booking and the appropriate cancellation charges will apply. Payment methods are shown on the booking form and on our web site.
3 A refundable inventory deposit for accommodation rentals is payable either with the balance payment or when the keys are collected. For the latter, payment methods vary so please check this before you depart. This deposit is required to cover any minor breakage, shortages, additional cleaning required, breach of terms and conditions, unreasonable use of utilities, etc., and, if no charges are due, will be refunded in full. Any additional costs incurred as a result of the clients use of the accommodation will be payable in full by the client. Please confirm the requirements for a full refund with the local representative on your arrival.
4 Your accommodation will be cleaned and checked prior to your arrival and the keys should be collected from the owners’ representative usually between 4pm and 8pm on your arrival day. There may be an additional charge for arrivals outside of these times. The key-holder may have other people to meet so please ensure that they know your arrival time in advance and that you confirm the key collection arrangements with them by telephone on the day.
5 Holidays and Homes are an intermediary and act as a retail agent when making reservations through third parties on behalf of the client. Clients are therefore contracted to the third party as if they had made the reservation themselves and are covered by the third parties’ terms and conditions in addition to those described here.
6 All accommodation is rented on a self-catering basis and the descriptions of the facilities and services to be provided are as advised to Holidays and Homes by the third party and are passed on in good faith. The properties are individually owned and someone else’s home therefore the standard and style of the décor and furnishings will vary. If there is a problem with the product or service it is the clients’ responsibility to take this up with the local representative or supplier at the time. Holidays and Homes will be pleased to assist in negotiations with the local representative or supplier if this should be necessary but only if they are given the opportunity to rectify any problems at the time.
7 Prices are correct at the time of writing and will be honoured for reservations made within one week. Some prices are converted from other currencies and may change on future price lists due to exchange rate fluctuation and processing costs.
8 An inventory is provided in the accommodation. Any defects or deficiencies must be reported to the local representative within 48 hours of your arrival. After this time it will be assumed that everything is in order. You will be provided with a contact telephone number and address for the local representative with the directions and guidance notes.
9 The owner and their agents must be allowed access to the accommodation at all reasonable times to allow them to carry out their duties, e.g. for changing the gas cylinder, gardening, pool cleaning, repairs, etc.
10 Most rental accommodation is for family holidays only (i.e. no non-related singles groups but please check at the time of booking) and up to the maximum number specified. All persons using the accommodation and its facilities must be named on the booking form. Non compliance is a breach of the terms and conditions and will invalidate the rental contract. A reasonable standard of dress and behaviour is expected at all times. Please note that in residential areas in Europe excessive noise between 11pm and 8am and during the afternoon siesta time (2pm to 5pm) may attract the attention of the local authorities.
11 You are required to use the property and contents with the utmost care and to make good any damage to the property and its fittings. Any damage must be reported immediately to the representative.
12 Please consult the local representative if you need help or advice. They can also arrange for any additional items you may require such as a replacement gas cylinder, linen change, etc.
13 On your day of departure you must vacate the property no later than the time specified, usually 10am, to allow the representative access to prepare for the new arrivals. The representative will make an inspection of the house to confirm the inventory and that everything is in order. To facilitate this procedure you are requested to leave the house as you found it - all rooms tidy, the crockery and cutlery cleaned and stored in the appropriate cupboards, the cooker and barbecue clean and rubbish disposed of. There will be an additional charge if these procedures are not followed.
14 In some areas there can be building work going on that we are not aware of. If we do know of any building work being carried out in close proximity to the rented property we shall inform you as soon as possible. In extreme situations we shall try to find you alternative accommodation but are unable to take any further responsibility for such a situation or offer any refunds.
15 We recommend that you have holiday insurance to cover you against loss, accidents, cancellation, accidental damage to the owner’s property, etc. This may be included in your home insurance cover but do check and if it is not we can recommend an insurance company to you.
16 Any arrangements Holidays and Homes makes for you with third parties are made in good faith using companies we use ourselves. However, we are unable to accept responsibility for such arrangements beyond using our best endeavours to resolve a problem should one arise.
17 In the unlikely event of a break in the supply of services to a rented property, or failure of an appliance, the liability of the owner, their representatives and agents is limited to their best endeavours to resolve the problem as they are at the mercy of the local authorities and repair agents. In the case of a break in the water or electricity supplies please check with the neighbours to see if it is a general problem. If the problem is confined to your accommodation only please contact the representative for assistance. Please note that where satellite television is listed as a facility this does not imply that the system will receive any particular channels. Reception and channel availability can be variable and can be intermittent so specific channels cannot be guaranteed.
18 In the event of cancellation by the hirer the following charges apply: For cancellations effected more than 56 days before start of hire period - the deposit. For cancellations effected less than 56 days before the start of the hire period 100% of the total hire cost. Refunds may be given if the property is re-let for the period booked.
19 A cancellation takes effect when we receive written notification from the hirer or four days after the date on which an unpaid payment is due. The holiday insurance we recommend you to have includes cover for cancellation charges. Cancellation charges for flights and car hire are subject to the conditions of the company with whom the booking is made. Insurance premiums and deposits are not refunded in the event of cancellation.
20 In the unlikely event that the product or service booked is not available the liability of Holidays and Homes shall be limited to any refunds or compensation that can be obtained through the third parties. In this unlikely situation we would, of course, use our best efforts to find you an alternative.

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